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Visiting an unfamiliar place for the first time can be a little intimidating. Don't worry! Below you'll find everything you need to know to get ready for a visit. If you still have questions, scroll to the bottom of the page and send them to us. We'll get back to you with answers as quickly as we can!

Sunday Morning Worship Service

This will probably be what you try out first. It starts at 10:45am, and usually lasts until around 12:00pm. Come  in the front doors to our Welcome Center! Someone will be there to help you if needed. It's that easy!

Other Meetings

Sunday Morning @ 9:30am: Core Groups (Small Groups for all ages. They last one hour.)
Sunday Evening @ 5:30pm: Connect Groups (Another type of small group that lasts one to two hours)
Wednesday Evening: Women's Study, Men's Study and  NPKids (preschool-6th grade) at 6:00pm. Every fourth Wednesday Evening the Women and Men get together for a Prayer Service, also at 6:00pm.

Location, Location, Location

Our address is 242 New Pleasant Road, Gaffney SC, 29341.
GPS will take you right to us!
If you are familiar with Cowpens National Battlefield, we are on the back side of the Park. Click HERE for a simple map. 


When you pull into the parking lot, you will notice reserved parking for Guests. Of course, you are welcome to park anywhere you like. Handicap parking is available to the left of the Guest Parking and a little closer to the building.

What about my children?

Your children are welcome in the morning worship service!
From newborn's up we love families to worship together. We want parents to teach and train their children, and learning to worship with everyone else is an important part of that. If your child gets unruly or restless (believe us, we know how that is), you can take them out into the Welcome Area until they settle down. Then bring them back into the service. This is all part of training a child how to be part of the church.
Nursing mom's can use the nursing area outside the women's bathroom if they would like privacy.
Both Men's and Women's restrooms have changing tables.
Coloring sheets and crayons are located at the Welcome Desk to help little ones stay focused.

Yes, but are there activities for my kids?

There are!
While we encourage the family to worship together in the main worship area on Sunday mornings, we do offer child care. Birth through 2-year old's are welcome in the nursery for the morning worship service (at 10:45am) as well as during the Core Group meetings (at 9:30am).
During the morning worship (at 10:45am) we offer a children's time for 3-year old's to first grade during the Sunday morning message time. They stay in the worship service during worship through music and scripture time. Then they go to a room to hear an age appropriate study. (Again, the whole family is welcome to worship together for the whole service if you choose.) 
All childcare workers have undergone background checks.
There are other activities for all ages. Our PLANS page will let you know what they are!

What to Wear

Dress style varies widely.
You will see people wearing anything from jeans and a tee shirt to dress suits. But probably the most common style is something like dress casual (For men; dress slacks and dress shirt. For ladies either a dress, skirt, or dress pants and top). Just click the YouTube icon and select a video to see what people are wearing on stage!


Grab some coffee as you enter the Welcome Area.
Whether it's been a hectic morning or you just enjoy sipping a hot beverage while you take notes. Take your pick between several coffee blends.

A Few Other Things

The average size of our Sunday morning worship time is around 85 to 90 people.

If you would like to know more about our elders and staff you can CLICK HERE!

CLICK HERE to check out our Statement of Faith/Core Beliefs.

You can CLICK HERE to check out one of our Sermons.

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